Planning your Wedding when Socially Distancing: Essential Tips

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Trust us, it is actually possible!

As COVID-19 has been keeping us at home for weeks now, our special day can feel hopelessly far away. We might even be tempted to shove away any thoughts on trying to plan our wedding in this situation. Don’t despair! These times of social distancing and lockdown can actually be the perfect times to continue planning your wedding and get even more creative. We have a few tips so you can take advantage of several resources to have an even better wedding for 2021.

Finding the Theme & Decor

With online tools like Pinterest, wedding magazines, wedding blogs, and social networks, there is no shortage of places to find inspiration and come up with a unique wedding. You make a brainstorm with your friends and loved ones (on Zoom of course) on wedding themes, colors, and possible decor. This will make it more fun, it will help you find new ideas, and it'll help your creativity get back on track. Once you have a list of ideas, you can then find niche blogs, Pinterest boards (like our own!), and Instagram accounts that can help you bring your ideas to life. You can then simply have these organized and ready to share with your wedding planner when you're ready. A good wedding planner will then walk you through with what can be done, the costs and will start helping you find the rights things to materialize your vision.

Shopping for your Dress

Trying to find the perfect dress while you're on lockdown might seem nearly impossible, but we promise, you can do it. First, you can start looking for ideas about current trends in magazines, blogs and in even in fashion websites. A lot of video content can be found as well such as videos of bridal runways. Take time slowly go through pictures of different destination weddings and see what other brides wore, consider what kind of weather and place you're dreaming your wedding to be in. After having obtained a general idea of what you like, you can take your measurements at home. You can search online for potential tailors and stores that may sell the kind of dress you like and schedule virtual meetings. Based on those you can even order gowns to try on! This will all help you find the perfect dress without leaving your house. If you find the one, any adjustments that are needed can be done once this time is over. So yes, finding THE dress is possible!

Choosing Potential Venues

If you already have a destination in mind for your wedding (maybe somewhere like Roatan ❤️), you can take your time to explore resources about the place you're visiting by watching videos, looking for popular hotels, beaches or wedding hotspots. If you have a savvy wedding planner, he or she may help you with actual photographs or videos they may have of each venue. You can also take advantage of tools that wedding planners have to help you choose the perfect wedding venue in your area, like our venue comparison chart for instance. So this time can be used for familiarising yourself intimately with your venue choices.

Cake Design & Menus

For food and cake designs, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, and blogs will also be your best friends. They will help you find plenty of inspiration of what you'd like to see in your own wedding. Regarding food, you can also take the time to ask your potential guests about any food allergies or dietary requirements so you can be ahead of the curve to order the right menu when this is over. You can also work together with your wedding planner to know explore different menu options at your potential venue and even ask if customized menus are possible. This way you can also get cost estimates that can further help you plan your wedding.

The Little Details and Everything Else

One of the funnest parts is finding the cutest and trendiest details that wrap up the perfect wedding. You can explore wedding trends as a starting point! Armed with a solid idea of your desired theme, you can easily go from there to dream up what would complement the look of your wedding. Your destination wedding planner can be of great help here, as they're more fit than anyone else to help you find special details unique to the place where your planning to have your wedding. For example in Roatan we can help brides get handwritten invitations, personalize coconuts, find tropical wedding favors, and many more things unique to our island. Be sure to share as much inspiration as possible!

Have Fun! It's your Wedding!

More importantly, don't forget to have fun! This is still your wedding!! Instead of focusing too much all the time on the dreary consequences of this period of lockdown, you can look to brighter days and use any extra time you may have to let your dreams roam free. With our full-service wedding planning, this can even be an easier task, as we're more than willing to discuss aspects of your wedding, send you information, and help you fuel your creativity. We hope to see you soon in Roatan!!